The Journey Continues

by | Jun 14, 2019 | General

From left to right; Twistii founders Mark Habberley and Darrell Butler.

Fresh from our whirlwind BBC television experience and winning our episode of the new series, ‘The Customer Is Always Right’, we have been busy reading through the huge amount of goodwill and amazing feedback everyone has been giving us on their first practical experiences of Twistii.

“Brilliant. It is invaluable to find you’re way around strange bedrooms when away without disturbing your room mate. No more fumbling for side lights, also used for reading in bed. Excellent customer service. I would thoroughly recommend this product.” — Susan from London.

We are thrilled with the response, and what has been so interesting is seeing how our first customers have been using their new Twistii’s. From early morning dog walkers and Scout leaders out on expedition, through to charities and homeowners with mobility issues utilising the practical light in day-to-day situations… it’s great to hear how Twistii is able to help.

“I ordered a Twistii from this company and the item has been fantastic for me. I am disabled and my balance is very poor, so having the Twistii at night has been really good, from a safety point of view. The company itself is very professional and have fantastic communication. I wouldn’t be without this item now.”  — Yvette from West Midlands.

The journey really is continuing.

After our television appearance our local newspaper The Leamington Courier picked up our story and have published our story so far on their website and in their print edition (week ending 24th May). We were then subsequently asked by the BBC’s Coventry and Warwickshire radio station to appear on their morning show where we were interviewed by the wonderful Vic Minett (you can listen to the show here, just fast forward through to 1:38 for our feature).

The month of May really was a positive one for Twistii with some terrific experiences and we’d like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to send in their feedback, personal experiences and best wishes. We’ve learnt a lot and will be using this to develop and push forward.

Stay tuned!

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