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The idea for Twistii came about one winters evening in 2011 when founder and inventor Mark Habberley was walking his dog Jimmy. It was dark and whilst having a lead in one hand and a torch in the other his mobile phone rang, and he found it difficult to answer without a free hand available. Thinking about this he realised he could really benefit from a form of hands-free illumination and a solution that potentially doubled up as a safety light to alert others to his presence when out and about in the dark.

“I had previously thought about getting a head torch, but I didn’t want to wear one and I do not know anyone who does unless they are pot-holing! They tend to be too bright for people walking toward you. I thought a convenient solution would be to have a light that I could wear on my wrist like a smart watch and rotate in any direction, allowing me to see my phone or where I am walking whilst not dazzling people coming towards me. I searched the internet but found nothing that quite fitted my requirements. I scribbled down some notes and thought maybe one day I would investigate making my own.”

It was then that that Mark set out with his friend and colleague Darrell to devise a product that was not only practical, but also comfortable, affordable and suitable for all. Finally, in 2018 after years of design iterations and manufacturing challenges Twistii was born and made available to everyone.

Mark Habberley

Founder & Twistii Inventor

Mark is a Warwickshire based business man with plenty of ideas! During the day he is busy running his design, print and exhibitions business. Off-duty, he lives at home with his wife and their Labrador Jimmy who was instrumental in the creation and rigorous product testing of Twistii. When not having ‘lightbulb’ moments, Mark can be found reading and analysing the sub-plots of the Marvel universe.

Darrell Butler
Co-founder & Design
A Graphic Designer by profession, Darrell has worked alongside Mark for fourteen years and has helped bring Twistii to life. With a passion for all things design he enjoys the challenge of solving a problem with creativity. Currently living in Northamptonshire Darrell has recently embarked upon a little property renovation and Twistii has become a valuable tool in shedding much needed light when pretending to know what he’s doing!

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