The Lightspeed Academy

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Announcements

When we originally created Twistii we wanted to create a practical, convenient and cost-effective torch to enable everyone to benefit from flexible, useful light in a wide range of environments and situations.

We were delighted with the initial response and it’s been great to see how everyone uses their Twistii and how its weather resistance, rotational and rechargeable light has helped in a wide variety of situations from illuminating mundane tasks at home to hiking and exploring the wilderness on walking holidays.

One of the greatest achievements for us has been seeing how much children enjoy receiving and using a Twistii. Whether they are playing outside, conjuring up lots of imaginative games or attaching them to their bikes or bags whilst walking to and from school, Twistii has found an army of young fans! Our friends over at Wicked Uncle have Twistii’s regularly ordered for birthdays, Christmas and occasions like Halloween – which ultimately got us thinking!

What if we created a new concept with a new range of products, accessories and games for children? This way, they can continue enjoying everything Twistii has to offer, but with a host of exciting extras and a world created especially for them – well that’s what we have done!

Meet Thea, Zain, Ryo and Sunny!

We asked ourselves, what if we created a new concept with a range of products, accessories and games for children?

Launched at the New York Toy Fair later this month, we are introducing The Lightspeed Academy and our initial range of products designed with youngsters in mind.

The Lightspeed Academy is our new world full of exciting characters, environments, stories, games and collectibles and we are looking forward to releasing more information and product details as we head through the remainder of this year.

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To learn more about The Lightspeed Academy and the first products we will be releasing, visit the website…

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