Product Timeline

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Design

Winter 2011

The idea for Twistii, came whilst out on a night time stroll with Jimmy the Labrador!

February 2012

Go time! Initial ideas, sketches and concept creation began alongside research into production processes.

June 2012

We created our first ‘prototype’ for validating our idea. Lots of disassembling and reassembling of existing products.

May 2013

After refinements based on our findings from the first prototype, we pushed forward with a second 3D printed prototype to further test our idea.

October 2013

A third 3D printed prototype was created for developing and additional road testing.

June 2014

The design and product prototyping was progressing well and we recognised the potential Twistii could have and the variety of situations it could be used in, so a Limited company was formed to best facilitate this.

Spring 2015

Our fourth 3D printed prototype was created alongside a custom designed PCB for the electronic functioning. This version was created using a higher quality resin to better simulate production requirements.

November 2015

Our fifth prototype was created to further refine the design in terms of size reduction and to aid manufacturing processes.


April 2016

As part of our development and commitment to Twistii as a product and as a brand, we applied for and was granted a Trademark to help protect and look after Twistii moving forwards.

July 2016

Our sixth protoype was created, at this point we were really refining the smaller details. The smooth rotation, and the clean finish to the final mouldings.

July 2016

As part of our product development, we applied for a patent to support the functioning of Twistii and to ensure it’s uniquness within the world of torches and personal lighting. This was granted in July.

October 2017

For stability and security within transportation, delivery and to help further enhance the Twistii brand, we custom designed the packaging with a clear aperture for easy colour recognition. This was subject to final quality checks and submitted.

March 2018

Our prototypes were finalised and the colour choices were made. The button for production was pressed and our partners began our initial production run. The final packaging design was submitted the following September.

April 2019

Twistii was completed and we received our initial production run, all boxed and ready to go!

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