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We recently partnered with Contours Walking Holidays and offered a free Twistii Kick to everyone who booked one of their holidays before the end of August. We were delighted to hear that the promotion was a great success and the Twistii’s are on their way to many satisfied holidaymakers!

We are sure that everyone who receives their Twistii Kick will find it incredibly useful whilst out and about exploring the British Isles, especially with the darker evenings creeping in.

While running this offer, the team at Contours took Twistii out for a road test and sent us their opinions and feedback. We were delighted to see that Twistii was put through a range of everyday situations and to hear their thoughts.


Chloe - Booking Administrator

The Twistii is highly convenient as it just snaps onto your wrist. This allows both hands to be free, and the range of lighting choices would work for an array of scenarios. I also loved how it charges via USB, so you could take an extra battery pack with you and it would charge with ease. I tested the Twistii during my nightly task of corralling our ducklings into their hen house and filling up the bird feeders. It was much easier than using a hand-held torch, and brighter too! It’s very light on your wrist and didn’t hinder us at all. Plus, my partner got a lot of enjoyment out of running around the garden, “feeling like Buzz Lightyear!”

Alec - Database Administrator

It couldn’t be simpler to slap the Twistii onto a limb and turn on. It emits a surprisingly bright light, which is activated by clicking a satisfying button on the top of the device. The light on the Twistii can be rotated to shine in any direction; the rotating mechanism doesn’t feel flimsy, and the torch stays firmly in place when not being rotated. The design of the Twistii lends itself perfectly to late-night dog walking, or when you need to slink off to a portaloo in the middle of the night whilst camping. The device also feels secure when picking up the pace and jogging, and could be a good alternative to a head torch.

Alex - Head of Marketing

I travelled to Bloodstock music festival and spent a long weekend camping in a field with thousands of rambunctious heavy metal fans. The Twistii was added to my camping kit, though I had some doubts initially. The way the rotating torch attaches to the wrist-strap felt a little flimsy at first, and I wasn’t sure that the small LEDs would provide enough light. I needn’t have worried; the Twistii is more robust than it appeared, enduring a full muddy weekend in mosh pits without problems. The LEDs proved more than up to the task of illuminating footpaths and the inside of my tent. All in all, a very helpful device!

Sam - Booking Administrator

I took the Twistii on a weekend away to Devon. When walking along the coastline at night, you emerge out into Shaldon “Smugglers” Cove and have to rely on moonlight to guide you down the steep, slippery steps. Having the Twistii meant that I could confidently walk down the steps while holding the handrail, as well as carrying a bag and a sausage dog! Shaldon Cove is a popular spot for holidaymakers​ to have campfires in the evening. Most people are considerate and drown the fires in water before they leave, but I’m always wary of residual hot spots! The Twistii made it easy to dodge these, so I could enjoy a wonderful, barefoot walk along the beach.

Vicki - Booking Administrator

We took the Twistii on a nice little camping trip in the Peak District. It was really useful when we were trying to find our way around the campsite in the dark, especially when we took the dog out for a final run around before bed. The Twistii was really comfy to wear and I kept it on throughout the evening. It was particularly helpful while we cleared up after dinner; both of my hands were free to carry stuff from the kitchen area, and the ability to turn the light in the direction you’re going was a very handy, versatile feature that helped me avoid crashing into things with an armful of pots and pans!

Karen - Contours Director

I frequently walk in the dark, particularly when walking to and from the office in the winter months, or when I’m out with the dogs around my village in the evenings. I am very used to navigating at night; I was part of Mountain Rescue for ten years, during which time we always had head torches. I tried the Twistii while walking my two dogs at night and it was excellent. The light shone ahead without feeling awkward, and it was easy to raise my hand and move the light around to see my surroundings. It was much nicer to use than a head torch, which I have always found rather awkward. Head torches are dreadful for blinding the people you look at, which of course is not a problem when the torch is attached to your wrist.

If you’ve recently got yourself a Twistii, then we’d love to hear how you use it. Why not get in touch and let us know?

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