Our Future Range

The potential of the Twistii range doesn’t stop with just the original.

Our front facing light with adjustable beam concentration through a unique twist movement. With the addition of a flash mode for safety, Twistii Clip can be worn wherever you need it.

A mobile light for suspending and hanging in numerous convenient and inconvenient situations! Twistii Over provides you with a downward beam of light assisting you in reading whilst camping, tinkering under the bonnet or rifling through those boxes in the attic.

Our surface mounted solution for people on the move. Twistii Buzz is for bikes and scooters and has with a built in audible alert ensuring safety for you and others.

Coming Soon…

In addition to our future range of great Twistii torches, we have plans to include a Pro range which will take the existing lineup and add extra features that will make each Twistii a truly valuable utility. These extra features include a digital watch, GPS tracking linked to your mobile device, compass and personal safety alarm.

As well as the possibility of having Twistii branded.

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